Dividend Information

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Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Sigma’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan for Sigma shareholders has been suspended.

Dividend History

Payment DateDividend TypeAmount per
Share (A$)
Fully Franked
(Yes/ No)
Franking Rate %
Dividend Reinvestment
Plan Price
21 Apr 2017 Final Ordinary3.0 centsY30
3 Oct 2016 Interim2.5 centsY30
21 Apr 2016 Final Ordinary 3.0 centsY30
7 Oct 2015Interim2.0 centsY30
16 Apr 2015Special1.0 centsY30
16 Apr 2015Final Ordinary2.0 centsY30
Oct 2014Ordinary InterimNil #N
30 Apr 2014Ordinary Final2.0 centsY30
23 Oct 2013Ordinary -Interim2.0 cents Y30
19 Apr 2013Ordinary -Final2.0 cents Y30
16 Oct 2012Ordinary -Interim2.0 cents Y30
27 Apr 2012Special1.5 cents Y30
27 Apr 2012Ordinary -Final2.0 centsY30
30 Nov 2011Ordinary-Interim1.5 cents
11 May 2011Special15.0 cents
13 Nov 2009Ordinary-Interim3.0 cents
7 May 2009Ordinary-Final4.0 cents

# Due to insufficient franking credits, no interim dividend was paid.

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